Special Care Pet Center

Special Care Pet Center

  Rough Green Snakes 16pp  
  Hermit Crabs 32pp  
  Bearded Dragons And Frilled Dragons In Captivity 79pp  
  Books by T.F.H. 
      Green Tree Frogs 64pp 
      Fire Belly Toads 64pp  
      Tarantulas 64pp   
      Ball Pythons 64pp   

  Advanced Vivarium 
      Popular Monitors & Tegus 170pp 
      Care and Breeding of Chameleons 128pp 
      What's Wrong With My Snake? 150pp 
      Desert Vivarium 63pp 
      The Lizard Keepers Handbook
      Bearded Dragon Manual 174pp  

  Crocodilians In Captivity By T. Moran And D. Malone 79 pp  
  Advanced Vivarium Mix or Match - 
      Care of Horn Frogs 
      Care of Red Eared Sliders 62pp Care of Garter & Water Snakes 71pp
      Care of Burmese Pythons .44pp Care of Uromastyx 18pp
      Popular Tortoises 54pp
      Care of Water Dragons - Basilisks & Sailfin Dragons 31pp
      Essential Care of Chameleons .48pp

  Advanced Vivarium Mix or Match - 
Care of Ball Pythons .. 72pp Care of Tokay Geckos & Related Species.55pp
      Care of King Snakes 71pp Care of Leopard Geckos 95pp
      Care of Trantulas & Scorpions 79pp Popular Tree Frogs 80p
      Red Tail Boa Manual.. 84pp Green Iguana Manual 75 -111 pp
      What's Wrong With My Iguana? .. 74pp Box Turtle Manual 102pp

Savannah & Grassland Monitors .. 70pp Understanding Reptile Parasites 83pp
      Uromastyx Frilled Dragons Etc 88pp Care Of Tarantulas 96pp
      Scorpions And Popular Inverterbrates 88

The Reptile and Amphibian Problem Solver
208 pp by Robert and Valerie Davies .. Hard Cover .. 
  Amphibians Their Care and Keeping 
      182pp by Steve Grenard. Hard Cover Lisl... 

      144pp by David Badger. Hard Cover List..

  Snakes Their Care and Keeping. 
      183pp by Lenny Flank Hard Cover List  

  Rough Green Snakes 16 pp 
  Care of Prehensile Skinks .. 56 pp 

  Water Bottles Hangers And Holders For Hamsters, Mice, Etc. 
      8 oz Water Bottle 
      8 oz ,Water Bottle Holders  
      8 oz Water Bottle Chew Proof Guard  
  Natures Heat Rocks By Four Paws 78000 Small..  
      7804 Large  

  Hot Rocks By Zoo Med #30001 Med  
  Heat Wave Hot Rock For Desert & Tropical Terrariums By Hagen . 
      #22000 Small.. 6 x 4 in 
      #22002 Medium 6 x 6 in 
      #22004 Large 12 x 7 in 
      #82012 Cobra HeatMat For 10 - 20 Gal By T-Rex 
  Natures Under Tank Heat Pad By Four Paws  #00070
  Heat Wave Under Tank Heat Pad By Hagen 
      #2028 Ex-Small. 5 x 4  in.
      #22030 Small.. 8 x 8 in .
      #22035 Med 10-1/2 x 11 in  
      #22040 Large 11 x 17 in  
      #2022 Smal1 Rainforest 8 x 8  in
      #2024 Medlum Rainforest... 10 -1/2 x 11  
  Challenger Aquarium Heaters by Second Nature 
  The Guardian Full Underwater Unbreakable Heater By Pen Plex 
      50 Watt 1 0 in Or 110Watt 10 in Mix Or Match 
      150 Watt 14 in Or 200Watt 14 in Mix Or Match 
      250 Watt 17 in Mix Or Match
  Radiant Heat Tape - Maintains 90"F to 95"F Temperature - Safe to use on all 
      reptiles, etc. #1 Choice for Herpetologists 11 inch .. 20 Watt FT  
  Extension Cord with Connector - Ready-To-Go  
  Dimmer Switch Single Pole 600 Watts  
  Warm Packs Air Activated Heat Source For Shipping or Traveling 
      24 Hours     
      35 Hours 
  High Range Stick On Thermometer and Humidity Indicators By Four Paws 
      79030 .. Round Thermometer  
  #22455 High Range Stick On Thermometer By Hagen ..
  #2472 Digital Thermometer With Probe & Memory By Exo- Terra  
  #68027 Digital Thermometer With Probe 1
  Power Center By Zilla 8 Outlets 24 Hour Muitiple Timer.  
  Humidity Meter With Thermometer Very Accurate .4 in x 4 in   Free Standing or Watt Mount..
  Heavy Duty Day-Night Multiple Program 24 Hr. 
      Automatic Three Prong Timer 
  Two Prong 24 Hour Timer Tums Lighr And Heat On And Off , 
      Six Strip Outlet Plug 3 Prong Outlet..110 Watt With Surge Protection  Rating